Namun saat DIA mengkehendaki kita berjauhan, Kerana DIA menginginkan yang terbaik untuk hamba-hambaNYA yang lemah, Kerana DIA mengetahui tentang masa hadapan kita, Maka saat kita berselisih di jalanan, Kita pun tak akan menyedarinya. Dan itulah kehendak dan aturan Tuhan.


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

beanie for man?


I've been home for about three days after went to vacation dekat Langkawi.
This time punya trip was something different sebab i can only spent time with Fahmi not even for a day. hahahha. And he left both of us (Eman and me) dekat pulau ni. Alhamdulillah, banyak ibrah, banyak kenangan dan banyak benda yang i still can look for to struggle myself to become a good man for ummah. 
Btw, aku macam tersuka dengan trend yang aku nampak semakin cool lately. trend apa? pemakaian beanie. as semua orang yang kenal aku tahu, aku tak suka something on my head. rasa macam buruk. rasa macam tak kena sebab i really treasures my hair. ahhahahahha. My head will look round like an apple if i wear those things. Tapi beanie looks diferent. you can style it confidently as dia punya material senang dibentuk. cool kan?

However, for the men yang have no clue on how to make a beanie hat look awesome in anything you wear,aku dah google up how to make it looks good on us!

 The firstly. kadang kadang kita mungkin rasa yang semua pakaian dah kita upload on insta and sometimes we really wants to look really different. To spice up your appearance is by matching your casual tees with a beanie. Selain tu, at least dapat jimat masa nak setting rambut. teringat a few of my friends yang constantly sitting in front of mirror semata mata nak kusutkan rambut. hahahha. Besides that, it makes you look sexy and masculine at the same time which is wonderful to attract the ladies to your direction.


Besides that, apa kata kita mix kan beanie dengan formal suits. at least, we can still tone down our appearance dekat event event rasmi. Tapi,takpayah lah bawak ke dalam mesyuarat. tak sesuai lah pulak. hahahaha. but, on our normal days yang kena pakai formal suits, just go with it. cheerio!

Beanie ni comes with many selection of colors. we can choose what color that we want. tambah tambah kalau pakai baju yang gelap. so, we can highlight our appearance dengan beanie yang colourful. Interested me who cannot wait to grab a few beanies can have a look at ZALORA as they offer beanie online for men from various well-known brands. Select the ones which fits your personal style and show it off everywhere you go. 

So, tunggu apa lagi? defo, i will grap one of them soon. let's change the trends. 

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